FREE Nexas Smart Dashcam after Rebate

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Get a FREE Nexas Smart Dashcam after Rebate!  – Pay $95 and get a full rebate (by Visa or Amazon gift card) after driving 100 miles with the Nexar app. No monthly payments.

Conditions for Participating

  • This promotion is valid only to individuals who: are at least 18 years old, reside in the United States, and bear a driver’s license.
  • This promotion is limited to one Dash Cam per person. Each user can only be eligible to receive one rebate.
  • Your participation in this promotion is subject to Nexar’s prior approval, which shall be held at Nexar sole discretion.
  • Participation in this promotion shall be on a “first come, first served” basis and is limited The promotion will be valid until the depletion of the stock. Nexar reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time, at its sole discretion.

Payment and Rebate

  • Following the completion of the registration process and your approval of these Terms and Conditions (this “T&C”) your credit card will be charged and Nexar will mail you a HaloCam dashboard camera (the “Dash Cam”) to the address specified in the checkout form.
  • Nexar will rebate you (the “Rebate”) subject to the following conditions, to be fulfilled within 90 days from receipt of the Dash Cam (the “Conditions”):
    (1) Installation of Nexar’s mobile application – available through the app store (the “Nexar App”). You must sign up using the same email or phone number used for the camera purchase;
    (2) Successful integration between the Nexar App installed on your mobile and the Dash Cam; and
    (3) Driving 100 miles using the Nexar App integrated with the Dash Cam, within 90 days of receiving the Dash Cam.
  • Once you have driven 100 miles with the dash cam and the Nexar app, Nexar we will send you a notification letting you know you’re eligible for your rebate.
  • You can claim your rebate using this link, where you can also check how many miles you’ve driven with Nexar.
  • Rebate will be made through a Visa Incentive Card administered by GiftBit within 30 days as of the complete fulfilment of all Conditions.

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